Rio de Ki

Rio de Ki

Bioenergetic Therapist + Quantum Healer

Rio fuses the practices of Reiki, Reflexology + Craniosacral Therapy for a holistic approach to harmonise the bioenergetic field of the client. Using mind-body medicine and quantum healing, Rio address the physical, emotional and spiritual layers for deep release and healing.

A Fourth Degree Reiki Master/Teacher, Rio has been practicing Reiki since 2009. Studied with 6 Reiki academies in Canada, United States + Peru, Rio fuses Usui Japanese, Tibetan and DivineYu traditions with practices in quantum healing and bioenergetics.

Rio is a certified Reflexologist (Lotus Palm Montreal) and Craniosacral Therapist (Inlakesh, Guatemala). Rio became certified as a Pachānanda Vinyasa & Restorative Yoga instructor from Healing House Cusco in Peru. Here Rio studied with the New Mystic School and became a certified Sacred Dance Facilitator in an intensive initiation and training program.

Rio holds an undergraduate degree in Religious Studies and Philosophy with a concentration on Eastern and Esoteric Traditions from the University of King’s College, Halifax. During her time in Halifax Rio was initiated into the art of alchemy and has since been practicing distilling and infusing plant medicine.


Tél: 514 826-7001