Anne-Marie Leclerc has built a successful 20-year career in health and well-being. Her personalized and holistic approach emphasizes the physical and spiritual harmony of each person. She looks at each person as an integrated whole analyzing their needs and potential using therapeutic, physical fitness, nutrition and life style inputs.

Acupuncture was her first great passion. This fascinating, ancient medicine was a revelation. It introduced her to the vital idea of harmony and energy — the conceptual foundation of what we call health. Her approach as a therapist was forged from this experience.

Having always been very active, she believes that physical activity is a key part of healthy and balanced existence. Given the increasingly sedentary lifestyle of our society and its associated health problems, it is high time to get moving!

She is a CrossFit trainer and very proud to be able to share this passion. The idea of CrossFit complements her vision of fitness training. Fun, stimulating and accessible to all, creating an energetic and engaged community. She is particularly dedicated to gyneco-obstretric and pediatric – whether through training or acupuncture… The combination of the two is even better.

Anne-Marie is training to be an osteopath, adding a therapeutic dimension to her practice.

As a consultant in fitness and overall well-being, her mission is to facilitate the promotion of a healthy society.

Anne-Marie Leclerc, acupuncturist