Laurent Martini

Former fireman and first-aid instructor with the french and canadian Red Cross, Laurent discovers Reiki after a session as a patient. He comes out of it transformed. He then reads on the topic, studies, trains with a Reiki Master. Now a certified Reiki practitioner at Karmari healing studio, he offers sessions for you to enjoy.

What is Reiki?

One translation could be: «Spiritually guided universal life force». Litteraly: Rei: «Universal spirit» and Ki: «Life force» (the equivalent of the Tai-Chi’s «Chi» or Qi-Gong’s «Qi»).

It is both a very old and quite modern process, as the origins are inspired by different spiritual philosophies like Buddhism and Shintoism but the system itself was formalised by Japanese Master Mikao Usui «only» a century ago.

How does it work?

By laying-on of hands on chakras, true energy turbines responsible for the proper flow of energy through the body, the practitioner canalizes this energy to transmit it to you, enabling you to «recharge» and harmonize the flow in your body. The merit of the Reiki system is that Ki is an intelligent energy, able to fill potential vitality voids by itself.

Is Reiki good for me?

Reiki is a very gentle pratice for everyone, wether young or older, in shape or not. Wether you are a young mom eager to find a bit of inner peace, an elder struggling with insomnia or a healthy athlete with a light back pain, Reiki is for you!A growig number of hospitals now call on Reiki practioners to ease the pain of cancer patients, showing the incredible versatility of help this system can provide.