Pregnancy & acupuncture

You may be a mom who is lucky enough to have a happy and trouble-free pregnancy.

For those with minor complaints, or even more specific issues, acupuncture is a good way to relieve or treat these imbalances in a completely natural environment, by stimulating the body’s energy to restore harmony and well-being.

Any problem, big or small, at any stage of pregnancy, will be alleviated by the application of this alternative medicine.

Whether for:

  • Indigestion/nausea
  • Poor digestion
  • Insomnia
  • Minor, general pains
  • Leg aches
  • Maintaining one’s immune system

Acupuncture can take part all the way to the delivery by helping and giving support to the mother at the very end of her pregnancy:

  • Turning breech babies (before 34 weeks !)
  • Induce labour in overdue pregnancy
  • Stronger contractions for shorter labour
  • Prevention and treatment of many possible issues in ongoing labour
  • Post-partum